Braden Parker Interview

January 14, 2019

Braden Parker is co-founder of Casca Footwear, an innovative startup, developing all-day performance shoes for future builders. In the past year, Braden has moved from real-estate asset manager to co-founder of a bootstrapped venture looking to challenge the global footwear giants.


Emilie Clarke Interview

July 16, 2018

Robert interviews Emilie Clarke the founder of Empowered AF


Megan Williams Interview

June 28, 2018

Robert interviews Megan Williams the founder of The Self Publishing Agency


Merideth Shutter Interview

June 16, 2018

Robert interviews Merideth Shutter the founder of PROtect Smart Personal Safety


Ilya Brotzky Interview

June 9, 2018

Robert interviews Ilya Brotzky the founder and CEO of VanHack


Brad Rudover Interview

June 5, 2018

Robert interviews Brad Rudover the founder of Country Club X


Paul Romani Interview

May 26, 2018

Robert interviews Paul Romani the co-founder and director of Pear Tree Elementary


Jen Ray Interview

May 20, 2018

Robert interviews Jen Ray the Director and Owner of Dancinema 


Diana Pederson Interview

May 10, 2018

Robert interviews Diana Pederson the Founder and CEO of Dragonfly MedTech,


Fergus Parkinson Interview

April 28, 2018

Robert interviews Fergus Parkinson from the Future of BlockChain by Glance Technologies